Social Media for Hotels

With regards to social media this is what all hotel owners and managers should know. In this article, we will look at hotel buyers, hotel marketing and online opportunities using social networks and other online marketing options. By reading this article that will put you in the top 10% of the hotel’s marketing specialists and online sales that generate greater customer interest, commitment and conversions. By reading this article you will have the basic vision and framework to start or immediately review your online marketing plan.

Hotel buyers use the Internet and social media

More and more buyers or those seeking accommodation and hotels are using the Internet and other social media tools. Demand is measurable using the Google Toolkit for Research and Analysis. Current trends show a month and year-on-year growth that shoppers use the Internet to find hotels and offers.

Over the past two years, buyers will only use search engines to find accommodation and hotels, but share and collaborate with friends on social networks, blogs and review sites. Much of this is outside of the hotel and the marketing approach to accommodation and direct control. However, the benefits can be enormous repercussions.

With the continuous changes in the Internet, consumer trends and buyer requirements, greater choice and variation is available to buyers in order to make an informed decision. These options range from videos, blogs, comments, articles and site content or to offers.

Key platforms used by buyers, and the very good rate in the search engines are: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Blogspot and many others. It is the platform that is important, but the context and how the research is done and influences the outcome of the results.

Hotel buyers are looking for solutions to general questions and needs such as low-cost offers, accommodation, location X, hotel stays and hotel locations. This research is measurable and where the buying traffic originates, but hotels and hosting providers have been slow to adapt and take advantage of this money market sector. Too regularly, buyers do not respond with suppliers and hotel owners do not get the greatest possible deal when adapting to change.

Hotel Marketing No synchronization

Most hotels and chains think that the solution to their future is with collective booking sites and special deals package dealers. This is simply not true. In any case, search engines are increasingly penalizing these sites because they show less and less please return the results to a general search leads to another search engine and search needs In a non-targeted site. In short, they are a competitive option for search engine providers. The most accurate and relevant sites will always take precedence over generic or aggregate sites, the only reason why these are not reflected in all research today is that there are not enough options for Quality oriented to get back to these searches, so Search engines need to show something, or bulk business themselves.