Spend your holiday in Normandy during a refreshing time

When you have decided to spend your holiday in Normandy, you would have made a good decision. Holidays in Normandy are not only lovely but also refreshing. Normandy, France, ideal to take children to enjoy a number of recreational and outdoor activities. For the more adventurous holidays in Normandy you are close to the nature of hiking and biking activities or canoeing walks through the rapids of the rivers and waves of the sea.

Something for children

When you take your kids for the holidays in Normandy, you will be amazed by the luxury swimming on the north coast of France. You can picnic on the beach along a coast of 600 km and watch your children happily slip in the cold waters of the Channel.

Normandy is famous for its love of the whole animal. The local population will be more than happy to express their great appreciation for this swift and majestic animal. You could take your children to horse Haras du Pin, a growing area for horses and learn how horses are bred and cared for. You can entertain your close to the Deauville horse shows and admire the accuracy in the highly skilled movement of the horses.

Enjoy special drinks

You will be surprised by the proliferation of apples and volume of apples in Normandy. The abundance of these cousins ​​from the rose garden means that this French region is particularly known for its cider, great in flavor and aroma. Your holiday in Normandy will not be complete if you do not suffer your liquor called calvados. This drink is a popular drink consumed by the inhabitants among the dishes of a meal. A blend of unfermented apple water spirits and apple cider product, a drink you need to enjoy during your holiday in Normandy.

Specific dishes in Normandy

With the wealth of apples in this beautiful region, you will find local dishes that offer a special cuisine that makes imaginative use of this delicious fruit. When you eat during your Normandy vacation, enjoy the taste of mussels in Normandy – a dish specially cooked from mussels to cream and apples. If you are a fan of cakes, try bourdelots or baked apples in cakes. You also need to bite the local variation of apple pie, Normandy flan.