Start your baby naturally in solid foods

My eldest son and my youngest son were nine years apart. It seems that this time is long enough for pediatricians who completely overhaul the concept of feeding babies solid foods. If nine years ago, I had to start with rice cereal once my baby was six months old (although it was revolutionary, other mothers started their babies in the solids at the age of 4 months), with the last child they received Different foods, one at a time, but give you a variety of choices, and at the age of 12 months, you are ready to eat family food. “I could not agree more, and I was glad to hear it because I was a fan of the idea of ​​introducing solid foods naturally into the baby’s nutrition for a while now.

Take a little travel time. There are a hundred years, families were large with many children. I think the baby food was amazing. Mothers do not prepare a separate meal for a baby, so they are purified to make it easier to eat. This does not happen to anyone. Everyone had to eat what was for dinner, no exceptions. Therefore, a mother holding her baby and ate with her in her lap, from time to time gives her a bite or two of the food from her plate. In this way the baby was gradually introduced into the family meal.

I find this approach to feeding babies very natural and easy to implement, perfect for busy mothers with more than one child. In the forums for babies in Russia, received an educational offer nickname, as opposed to “pediatric system.” I’ll give you more details.

When to start?

Not more than six months. Before that, the digestive system can not handle food apart from breast milk, which is digested in the intestine and not the stomach. Although each baby is different, and some might be ready before that age, you never know for sure in each case, so it’s a good idea to wait, better safe than sorry! Look also for psychological preparation: your baby is interested in what he eats and trying to find food on the table, a good sign that the baby is ready to try new foods.