Stress prevention in 10 Easy Steps

1. Set realistic expectations.

The best way to find the disappointment of the holiday season is to set unrealistic expectations. If we focus on the “perfect” vacation or the best holiday season in our memory, you are likely to be disappointed and over stressed because we feel that our dream is being emptied quickly. Do not judge the experience beforehand or if it happens in the moment. If we expect the party to be horribly awful, it is probably because we can not see anything wrong, because this is what we are looking for at every moment. When we do not have preconceived expectations, we are less likely to be disappointed or stressed out. Live moment to moment and not take things personally that other people do or say. Everyone in their own “things” and their own level of awareness in each moment. Everything is in divine order.

2. While moderation – do not enter.

Avoid excess alcohol and other substances, as they reduce impulse control and create dramatic potential (see below). Substances can cause or worsen depression and anxiety. Avoid eating too much of this wonderful meal that no matter where you turn to wait, as it can reduce self-esteem and self-judgment. All sweet and temptations can also wreak havoc with your blood sugar, which can cause mood swings and make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Too much caffeine can also disrupt sleep and make you nervous and nervous. Make sure to completely relax and stay hydrated with water and other nonalcoholic liquids, not caffeins and not gaseous. Bah!

3. Do not overstretch your attention in terms of events.

Structure your time during the holidays instead of reacting to what happens. Consider how, where and with whom you are going to make the holiday season -. A Thanksgiving trip to your home town during New Year celebrations Make sure you do not schedule too many rallies nearby that will make you feel constantly rushed or feel pressured to get from place to place. Plan a time to relax.

4. Budget your expenses before you go shopping and stick to it.

You will not be charged for January – pay for an extension of holiday stress. By setting your limit in advance and adjusting to it, you do not start a sliding scale to ruin because you allow yourself to spend that extra dollar for each person on your list. If you can not afford to go through all the extended family members, ask everyone to agree in advance to put the names on a hat and will extract one name per person and set a limit on the expense. Do not check with someone for holiday gifts, you can never win and you will regret it later. Consider using your creative talent and making a simple gift from the heart, not the wallet. Do not make your motto “Give until you die.” You can not buy love, and no one will be impressed.

5. Reduce drama and chaos.

Avoid your family being filmed as Jerry Springer’s special vacation. Do not enter into a new relationship at the last moment just to not be alone for the holidays. Do not provoke friends and family with gifts designed to make them feel guilty, revenge or to teach them a lesson that they are not interested in learning. If there is an ounce of you who said in a small voice “maybe I should not do that,” then no. In short, he said. Consider avoiding the drastic in your life or energy vampires if you really do not have to be around them. If you need to be surrounded by negative people who create dramatic or negative experiences, consider using our ‘La Cucaracha’ technique. Remember, when you speak, it is better to be like having reason.