The Tao philosophy of Independent Travel

What is an independent traveler?

There is a certain philosophy that the independent traveler adheres to. While the tourist seeks comfort, comfort and a home away from home, the independent traveler prefers to become as much part of the culture as possible. The independent traveler likes to leave the house.

There are several terms used to describe independent travelers. A vagabond, in this sense, is a homeless person, spends little or no money and goes to work. A carpet is a budget traveler who is a baggage is usually a single backpack. A flash compression program has more money to spend than the homeless or backpackers, but still prefer the lifestyle of independent travel.

Regardless of the term used, independent travelers share a common philosophy.

Independent traveler:

1) does not like being imitated

The independent travelers feel displeased for the typical and expensive packaged trips. They avoid rigid itineraries, preferring instead of planning their own trips. Instead of being pampered during their travels, independents feel more comfortable with themselves. When you are told when to eat, where to go and how long you should stay, it is like putting a knot in the experience. Independent rely on their own judgment, do not let others think for them or tell them what to do.

2) Spend less money to enjoy

More money is paid by an independent traveler, the more you enjoy traveling. Increased spending tends to isolate the traveler from a new and dynamic experience. Instead of being caught up in the consumer trap of buying expensive souvenirs, paying for useless accessories and the “convenience” of doing what you are told to do on a tour, independents do more things they like to do in Place to buy things that distract with one of the travel experience.

3) Light travels

Traveling with a lot of luggage is a great inconvenience that costs the traveler in time, money and worries. All the things that tourists take with them on vacation prevent the trip, instead of improving. One of the goals of the trip is to enjoy what is, not at home. The traveling light provides more freedom for the traveler and instead of babysitting, all these “important” material possessions, one can focus on life.