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. CLASSY GARDEN PLANTERS . It’s hard to write all about garden planters in one article as they are of different shape and size . In the past garden planters took the form of traditional boxes, but recently other shapes have been introduced . For a gardener to look unique, there are some guidelines they should follow . The first tip is that the garden planters are supposed to plant every year . The plants need to be planted every time not necessarily on specific seasons of a year. This is because there has been an introduction of both new growing techniques and new strains of flowers and plants . This allows you to enjoy the visual splendor of the garden planters. . It ‘s hard to compete with the traditional garden planters . The wood goes hand in hand with the planters, therefore, leaving a great sight to behold. . It is of much importance that the wooden garden planters use the plastic liners for the planters to look appealing every year . The use of sealers and strainers should be avoided as they are toxic to the plants . It looks classy to add wooden garden planters at any site as they are so inviting. You can add them to either the patio, deck or at the garden . For the people who value uniqueness concrete garden planters should be their best option . In the public area, concrete garden planters may be used as they create a beautiful sight. . They can mostly be used to hold on trees
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. Gardens urns can also be used as garden planters . The role played by wooden garden planters, is the same one for the backyard pots. . The plants obtain the advantage of looking taller due to the backyard containers used. . The garden pots create the view style, beauty, and uniqueness. . It becomes difficult to move both the concrete garden planters and garden urns because they are too heavy . For more natural movement, it is important that the dirt in the cases should be removed Else if you intend to move the garden planters, you can opt to use the fiberglass, metal or resin garden planters . The resin fiberglass and metal are light therefore moving them becomes an easier task . The fiberglass, metal and resin can mostly be used by the people who live in cold places that need the portability of the backyard planters.
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. Those who have large windows can use window garden planters . They are known as window boxes. Apart from their ability to add beauty to your homestead, the window garden planters soften the lines and siding of your windows and of course adding a noticeable splendor each new morning