The Psychology of Advertising

Why it is important to understand mass psychology and psychological processes of knowledge for any successful advertising business …

Advertising is a way of exalting or advertising goods and merchandise very early. In fact, advertising has been around an informal concept since the beginning of civilizations and the old methods were advertising orally or claiming the benefits of products verbally when marketers sell products directly with people on the streets. However, with the advent of paper and writing, advertising took a more formal form.

Egyptians and ancient Greeks used papyrus for advertising and rock painting. English advertising in magazines as we know it today dates from the late seventeenth century and advertising in America newspapers began during the early part of the 18th century with the advertising of the fields. With the growth of the media and the different ways and means of communication such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines and of course the Internet in the 20th century, advertising began to become an important aspect for the marketing of the products. People have begun to understand the potential of advertising and has become a company with the creation of advertising agencies with the first American advertising agency opened in 1841.

Advertising become a business in itself, commercial use practices have become more formalized, controlled and systematic and advertising products began to appear as advertisements in newspapers, billboards, posters, brochures, brochures, magazines, newspapers , Television and radio as advertising and more recently on the Internet. Web advertising is now a very powerful way to convey the message to customers. However, to attract customers, advertising will have to operate in accordance with the principles of psychology and sociology. Therefore, an advertiser or advertising professional will also be a sociologist and a psychologist who really have an impact on the consumer’s mind.

Advertising principles are primarily based on cognitive psychology and the psychological processes of attention, perception, association and memory to carry out impact or total uses of a product or a “brand”. All advertising should focus first on the attention that can attract consumers. Strong visual messages, strong and dazzling colors are sometimes used in common places and billboards. For ads, sometimes attractive clothes and attractive models are used.