Three important aspects of fashion

It is not going to be an article stating that it should or should not use, because, contrary to what the media can say, there is no magic formula to make it look, or appear in fashion feel good.

Clothing began as a means of protection against the elements and eventually became the personal expression. In my personal opinion, I think people have forgotten what clothes they were originally intended for and allowed them to dictate fashion more sense of their own value.

From experience, I have learned to live by these three simple rules:

1) People treat you the way you dress, so dress as you want to be treated.
2) Do not wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, but do not be afraid to try new things.
3) Do not live by the rules of fashion, but live according to your own sense of style, because the so-called fashion rules are constantly changing.

Your own character and add to the fun and creativity of whatever you choose to wear. The dress and fashion accessories that you choose to wear “tell” you both what you are. Just send out your fashion choices that you think of yourself. You radiate confidence after basic black dress or an occupational or professional dress, according to the occasion.

When you choose to wear modest clothing, communicate the importance of your intrinsic value and not its physical value. As you dress carefully and coordinated a good preparation, tell the world that you know what you are.

Choosing the fashion wardrobe is a lot of fun because it really is the opportunity to express yourself and shape your creativity. Shopping while you think of these simple rules of fashion! …