How to thrive, not only survive – holiday seasons!

When you think of a vacation, what comes to mind? If you are like most people, at the top of your list are family reunions, time spent with close friends, lots of food and good drink, gifts, a moment of joy and happiness … and stress .

In our precarious economic climate, with high unemployment, reduced business, collapse of the housing market, the conditions of the holiday season are becoming stressful indeed. Despite these times of economic uncertainty, gift gift gift is at the forefront of people’s minds, which creates a lot of stress. In a psychological study, 50-70 percent of qualified people and gift money giving high pressure in your holiday stress list. Too many of us end up the holiday season credit card run with our debt to give gifts that really can not afford, while we carry additional pounds that have accumulated vacation excessive consumption of food. For all the hype that goes into the holiday season, many of us are left with a “disappointment” after the holidays.

With all these factors, even the most united families are imposed and pressure on marriages and family relationships increases. To add insult to injury, any hidden line failure in the family dynamics become more important problems during the holidays, because this stereotype and the ideal moment of proximity collide with the reality of family battles, Resentment, alienation and loss.

Here are some tips on how to fulfill your holiday with the positive tension of anticipation, excitement and wonder, while limiting the negative tension so often associated with the pressures of our tough times.

1. Everything in moderation – Holidays are moments of excess in many scenarios. Where to eat and drink moderately, you do not spend what you do not, avoid accumulating credit card debts that will take months to pay, and does not give routines that keep you healthy and “balanced ” the rest of the year.

2. The best things in life are free – Remember this phrase often during the holidays. It is very easy to get snapped up by the larger state of mind and more expensive is better. Focus on the times with family and friends that are built around articulation, games and fun, all that do not require spending money that you might not have. Give your heart and friendship instead of focusing on the gift of material goods. Memories can not be bought, nor relationships. With cutting companies, perhaps your gift budget should also be cut.

3. Put high self on your holiday wish list – Holidays are a time when self-care is most important – Too often, accumulate unwanted pounds with all the wide range of foods during the Christmas holiday season. Be sure to exercise regularly and plan the time to continue moving forward. They also tend to eat less if you work hard to stay in shape. One study found that nearly 50 percent of women report moderately or heavily concerned about their weight during the holiday season.