Tips on Chair Training – Make Sure Your Trip Is Right

The mounting seat is difficult because there are no two similar horses. Horses were not made to carry a saddle, humans have invented saddle, the back of each horse is different and each setting is different. With a bare wood chair mounting process, adapt the bare tree your horse for the best possible fit.

Your horse may be the problem, not your seat, remember that adjusting the chair may not be the problem. Your horse may simply oppose or walk up or down a hill to the revolt to do as you are asked. And after all, it is much easier to stay in the grass and eat grass and are mostly lazy animals. So when it comes to the stable and slopes, it could be an attitude and a saddle fit. Make sure there is no horse and horse before tackling the behavior.

Consider other problems besides adapting the saddle. It could also be another problem, like an old injury, a hip, a bad Ferrier, a bad chair or a song, or a physical condition any number of other possibilities.

A poor fit of the harness can cause pain removal of the saddle and belonging as the problem should be one of your first steps. Many times, horses are accused of misconduct when joining or a saddle trap that causes pain and that the horse is sick. When you install the bare tree your horse, you will know for yourself that your chair fits well and that your seat is not the problem.

A proper boat is as important as the seat adjustment. Once you know you have the right saddle, you should also make sure it is in the correct position. Your western saddle should sit two fingers behind the scapula. This is where the tree should be placed; The leather and cushion will sit on the shoulder. The leather and keyboard are enough not to restrict flexible shoulder movement, but the tree is not. Visit our article that discusses in more detail the “correct position of your harness and proper behavior.”

Suit fit to fit the saddle You should also consider your platform and how the saddle is attached to your horse. The straps that extend farther into the front of the seat should also have a rear hanger to keep the seat back tilted forward. There are four positions for your platform is placed and when ordering your mount, you want to keep in mind what position is best for your horse. The development of the “3-way” platform gives some options with the positions of the girth, which allows you to play in the shooting positions of 7/8, 3/4 or center. It provides options so that the same seat can accommodate more horses. You can learn more about rigging in our article “Fundamentals of a Rigging Chair”