Tourism and Internet – What Killed the Online Travel Agency?

Internet arrives

It seems that as the Internet took over the world in many industries, it is quite logical to completely dominate and take over the traditional travel agent market. If this happens, has it happened and what about the future of travel agencies and consumers?

Many industry professionals ask these questions as they are trying to predict the future in this world of digital and social media still expanding.

Is Facebook favorite and Facebook replace travel agents as prices reach a level that can not support a commercial business in tourism?

Well, I really hope. If this happens, there will be no winners; The consumer may think that they quickly save a short-term gain, but the reality is that their vacation experience will certainly be reduced.

It’s a complex problem, and that’s just the tip of a huge iceberg.

What are we doing?

In days gone by, the wealth of instant knowledge in just about anything on the internet, the traveler should get in touch with a traditional travel professional (a travel agent). This professional would question your client on what they wanted from their vacation experience, budget constraints and personal expectations of their client.

Of course, the client had to pay a premium to the agent for advice, or them! Well, no, they did not; Wholesalers would pay the travel agent fee and everyone would be in better shape. It was a complete win / win. The consumer prevails, the commercial operator prevails and, of course, capitalism continues to grow.

Well, everything that has not changed; For a crazy reason (and maybe I included), we all think we are experts and do not need any advice. Better yet, because we are all experts, we believe it is imperative to tell everyone the importance of our situation and what we know.