Is there a travel consultant on your team?

Ok, I have to admit that … book my own trip. I have been staggering back and forth for months on the opportunity to add a travel agent (aka travel consultant) my team of experts to help make my life easier and I have not yet done so. Now do not print too much to have a “team of experts” – the list is short. It includes the type of grass that is now the type of pest control, the maid, my stylist, my most important and the airport driver, and that’s all. But all the people I can save time, save money and can make recommendations based on their experience with me and my preferences. Hmmm … it sounds like a travel consultant as well.

So, to help me make my decision, I thought I would pretend you ask questions and I give you the answers. This makes writing more interesting than just talking to myself.

Q: Why these days on any booking online I use the services of a travel consultant?

A: Booking online travel can be the best way to go if you have a simple flight reservation, no long list of special needs, and know what you are doing. I like to go to Travelocity or Expedia and search my options and prices but book my ticket on the direct airline website. I just hope that if I have a problem with my ticket that its airline will be more useful to me.

I just booked a ticket on one of these sites online when needed was a flight from overseas and other airlines in return.

This fly regularly to the same city, just hop on the airline site and can have a ticket booked in seconds. But when my husband and I fly and result in another, then a travel consultant makes a lot more sense. I spend a lot of time looking for several airlines sites trying to get there and leave in a little while.

If you have special needs (allergies to peanuts, animals, people, etc.), a travel consultant can help you make sure that your places and / or flights are for you. If you are traveling abroad and concerned about connecting flights, close ties, passports or health requirements, consult the team of experts.