Why should travel every writer has a travel niche

Travel writers often ask me to check out their website and make suggestions. For this reason, I came across a lot of great travel blogs. Always provide constructive feedback, but most of them make a common mistake that prevents them from getting a significant amount of traffic to the site, and few, if any, comments.

What is this serious error that prevents them from becoming sites of authority? Just as they are, both in writing that their content is often, they lack experience, or more simply, a travel niche. They have no specialty that sets them apart from all other travel blogs.

There are travel writers who do an exceptionally good job with their travel blogs – they travel frequently and regularly add travel content to their blog. Their sites are well organized and easy to navigate, and I like to read their travel articles. But let’s be honest here – there are thousands of travel writers out there, many of whom work so well.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple: choose a travel niche. Find a specific topic that you are passionate about (and no, “travel” is not accurate enough) and focus on writing about this topic.

An ideal travel niche for you should be:

Something you like, and
Something you know a lot, and
Something you lead with experience
Your travel niche may be a specific location or a certain type of movement or mode. Examples of some travel niches where I saw nicely made sites include:

– Placing bloggers who write about what is happening in their hometown, expatriates living abroad and writing about their adopted place of residence while they explore it, and travel to writers who focus the only writing at spas in the world;
– Type of bloggers who write about solo travel, travel with small children or pets, getaway getaways, ecotourism, volunteering, adventure and spiritual pilgrimages travel;
Method – bloggers who write about hiking trips, bike or walking tours, river cruises, and even some of the best train travel there.