Travel and Personal Growth

Located in the 1960s, the new ABC Pan Am dramatic series leads to life, the glamor of air travel, beautiful hostesses and opportunities for adventures and explorations of the great world we live in. My husband and I took one of the Last on Pan Am flights in September 1991 from JFK to San Francisco before collapsing and closing 4 December 1991.

Airlines come and go, Pan Am and Trans World Airlines disappeared long ago … but they travel again. Today air transport is so different from last year. For those who have traveled before 2001 … traveling by plane will never be the same.

Today, more than ever, even with the slowdown of the economy, airports are still full of passengers and cruises are depleted … we travel again …

The United States Career Association has interesting statistics about the tourism industry. Every minute in the United States, $ 1.4 million is spent on travel and top 5 growth markets for industry visitors in the coming years come from the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and South Korea with the Chinese.

1 of 9 jobs in the US Depends on tourism and, by 2020, the country plans to create 1.3 million jobs by increasing visitors to the United States. This will be a way to have an economic stimulus.

In addition to shopping, restaurants, city tours, historical sites and attractions Parks / Attractions (these are the main reasons tourists come to the United States) – voyagons Why us?

I think travel experiences contribute to our personal growth. Let’s have a look:

According to an article on, personal growth or personal improvement refers to self-improvement – economically, intellectually or emotionally – usually on a substantial psychological or spiritual basis.

Here are 5 different areas of our lives have changed due to travel experiences:

The trip improves our range: in addition to rice, beans and chicken, the tour takes us to restaurants outside the world. For some people who do not eat adventure, we will travel off our usual peanut butter merchandise and sandwiches for lunch marijotte.