Do travelers booking directly get the reasonable prices?

A travel website that does not sell trips but allows travelers to save money on travel as they make their own reservations now offering services to travelers via the internet. This service is a unique addition to travel options for all travelers with comfortable direct bookings using a new type of travel document called TopTravelVoucher.

The operators of this service address the issue of travel pricing, which often includes a margin of 10-25% to allow commission to be paid to the travel agent to wholesalers or retailers, but when purchased directly from The travelers provider (accommodation, excursions and transportation), you can always pay the price including the commission. To overcome the problems of travel providers show multiple prices of the same products and services on their websites, they can now offer “fair price” by issuing TopTravelVouchers.

Travel providers receive marketing and promotion in exchange for their own travel vouchers, equivalent or higher than the commission, which would pay for the sale of their various travel packages and services, so they continue to compromise the commission cost on Sales, but do not alienate your distribution chain from wholesalers and retailers by offering a retail, wholesale or “live” price on your website. This is done by the operator who sells well it is good for travelers with great discounts on their cash values ​​to use when making the booking direct, so a travel agent who does not sell trips, only travel vouchers and is not a travel agency.

According to information from the good web site operator, they are able to offer “fair rate prices” because they do not have the normal operating costs of travel agencies, such as stores, booking systems, brochures, advertising and High effective but can still offer the traveler and service provider fair travel for all users.

Before buying TopTravelVouchers, it is recommended that travelers check the quality and availability directly with the website of their selection of the gear and, once checked, make a direct booking when mentioning the good, and then buy the good. All coupons come with a 100% money back guarantee, and if the traveler is not satisfied with the purchase of a trip at the end, the cost of TopTravelVouchers refunded and the problem is with the provider.