Traveling alone does not mean that you are alone

If you never travel alone, you may think it is boring. Not at all. Here are some of my advice and experiences to travel alone. First, I would like to consider why someone traveling alone.

The advantages of traveling alone

I have traveled all over the world a few days to several months in. I traveled with others and I traveled alone. I like both, and I do not mind having a fellow traveler at all. It is funny. However, there are several advantages of traveling alone:

1. When traveling alone, they do not depend on the availability of another person. If you go on vacation for a week, you are likely to find a friend willing to join and take off. But what if you want to sail through Asia or South America for three months or even a year. How many people do you know the money and the time to do it? I do not do it and since I do not want to trust that, I travel alone. If friends want to join a part of the trip, they are more than welcome, of course.

2. When traveling alone is the last self-indulgent. You can go wherever you want and you can decide for yourself what you want to do whenever you want without having to worry about any other person. It is selfish? It is, but then.

3. You meet more people when you travel alone. How is this? Well, it is easy and very comfortable to stay in your friend and to hang out with him. There is really no need to meet other people, since you already have your boyfriend. When traveling alone, you should start talking to other people. In addition, other people traveling alone are less likely to participate in a couple or group because they are more closed. They do not believe me? Try it at your local bar.