Trekking holidays – Where to go hiking in Europe

Trekking holidays are a great way to get away from the exercise routine, fresh air and get back in touch with nature. However, in northern Europe, there are some drawbacks to such a good hike. First, the summer weather is not reliable; A holiday trekking in the highlands of Scotland and Wales is almost certainly implies wet at some point. Also, finding a little solitude and tranquility almost anywhere in the UK is not easy; During school holidays, national parks are busier than urban centers.

Many are looking for a holiday trekking in southern Europe, especially those who plan to flee during the fall, winter or spring. Europe offers a wide variety of locations, more esoteric than others, but Spain remains the most popular for three reasons: weather, price and quality. With more than 60 million annual visitors, tourism is the main industry in Spain, although climate is the main attraction, Spanish already has experience in the field of tourism that is difficult to match.

Spain has much to offer to offer that sun and sea, and in particular its untouched mountainside was almost completely ignored by visitors and tourism authorities. To a large extent, the focus on mass tourism on the coast is protected within a poorly planned development and the current economic crisis has continued the trend. This offers a unique opportunity to practice hiking holidays in the tranquil and unspoiled landscapes, more possibilities to see a golden eagle hike or the bees carpet of the orchids that border the path.

So if you are thinking about hiking holidays in Spain, where do you start? In 1995, Bob Stansfield preface his Mountain Walks guide on the Costa Blanca (Cicerone Press) with the observation that “Las Marinas has the potential to compete with Mallorca as a winter walk.” Hiking and trekking holidays in Mallorca has become a well established, but the hilly area behind the Costa Blanca has been almost completely ignored. The only time you see that someone is on weekends, when some local residents travel to the mountains.