Troubleshooting Broken Computer

When teams fail, we are powerless. Sometimes the problem is due to a virus attack. However, other hardware failures may be causing the problem. With new computers, there are replacements for simple hardware components that set computers down. These are simple replacements that literally anyone can do with a screwdriver and patience. Very often, the faulty component is to replace the power supply, hard disk or a failed CD or DVD. This article will help you determine the source of the computer failure, so it is a simple problem, you can repair the computer. Alternatively, you know when to ask a professional to help you repair your computer once the problem is identified.

Let’s start from scratch. In this case, our equipment is defective. The first step is to turn it on and see it. When you hit the power button, the lights come on the computer? In the tower of computers and laptops, there are lights that light up when energy is applied. A good idea is to take a picture of your computer, if it works properly, so it helps you remember how you look, lights and colored lights. A good energy to the computer is often indicated by a green or blue light. The orange light indicates a malfunction and indicates that the computer has a power somewhere.

When there is no light, power supply is probably the source of the fault. External processors for the laptop can be tested and replaced. They run under $ 100. There are aftermarket substitutes. The next test of a laptop and a desktop computer is the use of a new external portable transformer or a new source of supply as a test for the faulty power supply.

Power supplies for desktops are available online and at local stores. They also cost about $ 100. A new supply does not need to be installed on a computer to test the power supply. Simply place the computer on its side with the open frame, place the new power of the old power, remove the old power supply one connector at a time and connect the equivalent connector on the computer one power connector at a time. Once the new power is connected, try putting the equipment. This tests the power supply.