Will you help me with the publicity?

Consumers vie for the more traditional media channels and they connect to their iPods, mobile phones and social networks, most of the ads that are in a dead letter office. Meanwhile, consumption continues to flourish. Advertising is for reach – without credibility. I never said that advertising would disappear, it will not. Despite all the innovation, the traditional advertising brand is not about to come out. These companies are manufacturers of successful brands, but are difficult to access to achieve the state of the elite brand solely in the marketing force of the ads and “buzz” conversations of Google text.

This will change many rules of what we think advertising is, so marketing and designing. However, the purpose of advertising is to expand the customer base, informing more people about the existence and virtues of the product. The more consumers a company gets their product, the more it sells. Although interactive advertising is included in the different income categories, the total income line increased approximately 11% to $ 3.7 million last year.

Pixel advertising is the term given to visual ads on the web that have their cost calculated by the number of pixels they occupy. Advertising Pixels has gained popularity in the last quarter of 2005 when British student Alex Tew created a website titled The Million Dollar Homepage, and asked advertisers to buy advertising space measured in pixels on the Welcome page. Google’s incursion into television advertising is a major proof that the Internet giant can use its popular search advertising system on major media channels. While continuing its efforts in the press and radio, television is the biggest obstacle in the company to achieve its goal of creating a broad platform for advertisers to launch targeted advertising campaigns, constantly modified according to the configuration of All forms of media. The public secret today in online advertising is that PPC based advertising is saturated. Flags slide on irrelevant ground.